How to root Samsung Galaxy S 2.2 froyo

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy running 2.2 (froyo), use my nice and simple guide below.

1. Check that – Settings > About Phone > USB Settings > Mass Storage is selected

2. Plug the phone into USB – make sure you have the drivers already installed from Samsung of course!

3. The phone will tell you its plugged in – click “Turn on USB storage”

4. Download this file

5. Copy the file to the root directory of your Galaxy S

6. Power off the phone and unplug from USB

7. Boot the phone into recovery mode – press and hold vol down and the home button and tap the power button to turn the phone on.  Keep vol UP and home held until the phone starts to boot into the recovery mode – it will be noticeably different!  Might take a couple of attempts.

8. Once in recovery mode, use the vol down key to highlight “apply sdcard:“, press the home button to apply

9. Phone should do its thing and reboot

You’ll know it has worked if you go into the applications menu and can see “Superuser Permission”.

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PS: The password needed when downloading the file is hamleshrocks